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Giclee Prints

What is all the fuss about Giclée, AKA Fine Art Prints and what does it mean? Giclée (g-clay), is a digital printing process to produce high-quality fine art prints with longer lifespans. In which an ink-jet printer is used. By ink-jet printer we do not mean your standard desktop inkjet printer, however a Giclée inkjet […]

Kili Arts has Moved and we are Now Bigger and Better!

Imagine the scenario… You’re an Events Organiser, and you’ve been given your first large project to organise a huge event with hundreds of attendees. The list of requirements is endless, but you’ve got a good idea where to get most of it, except one thing… One of the more unusual things you’ve been asked to […]

ChromaLuxe – Fine Art Printing meets High-Definition

Kili Arts recently travelled to one of the offices in Boom, Belgium to visit Universal Woods EMEA. The leading manufacturer of ChromaLuxe high-definition sublimation print media providing ultimate image clarity, vibrancy and durability and what’s more, indoor prints last up to 64 years. ChromaLuxe products are scratch resistant, fire resistant, rust proof, easy to clean, […]

Kili Arts invests in referral marketing

Kili Arts is part of Business Networking International (BNI).  It is the most successful referral marketing organisation in the world. In the UK and Ireland alone, there are over 12,500 members, passing over 676,000 referrals worth over £497 million every year! It is quite literally the best way to build a better business for small […]