What is all the fuss about Giclée, AKA Fine Art Prints and what does it mean?

Giclée (g-clay), is a digital printing process to produce high-quality fine art prints with longer lifespans. In which an ink-jet printer is used. By ink-jet printer we do not mean your standard desktop inkjet printer, however a Giclée inkjet printer.

The word derives from the French word ‘la giclée’, meaning ‘that which is sprayed’, which is how the inkjet printer works.

So what makes Giclee different to standard prints?
First of all, the paper or substrate used for printing. Giclee is printed on archival paper so over time the print will not discolour and have a yellow tinge. As it is acid free and 100% cotton or rag base. You can always ask us which paper we use as we would be more than happy to confirm this with you.

Last but not least, the true difference is in the type of ink and printer used.
Giclee are printed using pigment-based ink as opposed to dye-based found in your standard inkjet printer. I hear you ask why does that make a difference? Well, your print will have an increased lifespan and can last 100 plus years without fading. This is providing it is cared for appropriately by the owner.

Now moving on to the printer. This will be larger format printer and can hold up to 8-12 ink cartridges, giving a more sophisticated range of colours for the final product.

So now you know, why not have some prints done.

Who prints fine art images?
First and foremost, ARTISTS, who want to reproduce their work for resale. It doesn’t stop there though, photographers also print fine art images and so do those that just appreciate art.

Images courtesy of Jaspreet Jasprit – www.jaspreetjasprit.com

Giclee Fine Art Giclee Fine Art Giclee Fine Art

Imagine the scenario… You’re an Events Organiser, and you’ve been given your first large project to organise a huge event with hundreds of attendees. The list of requirements is endless, but you’ve got a good idea where to get most of it, except one thing…

One of the more unusual things you’ve been asked to provide is a custom printed dance-floor capable of withstanding hundreds of feet dancing from dusk til dawn. You didn’t even know these things existed, but you do know that Google is your friend here. You search for large format printing and you find us. We are Kili Arts and we can give you exactly what you need.

I am Jagdeep Panesar, the Founder and Director of Kili Arts alongside my businss partner Gurwinder Soor. Our journey started in 2014 when we purchased a large-format printer. We had no idea where it was going to take us, but we were excited to find out, like kids with a bag of sweets! The inspiration to set up Kili Arts had originally come from working in the photography business, East West Photography. We wanted to provide a printing and framing service for our existing clientele – and so the journey began…

At the beginning of 2018, a great opportunity came our way. We were offered the chance to become a part owner of UV Prints – an incredible opportunity not to be missed!

This new venture came with a new location, so in May 2018 Kili Arts moved to Slough Business Centre, Bristol Way, Slough.

The move allowed us to have all three businesses under one roof! This is when Kili Arts became Bigger and Better!

So, what can we do at Kili Arts?

UV Printing

Moving to larger premises meant that we were able to buy bigger machines! If you want to get your company noticed,  one great option is UV Printing! We can now produce high quality fine art prints to really make your advertising campaigns pop!

UV printing is a form of digital printing which uses ultra-violet lights to dry the ink as it is printed. This means we can print on all sorts of substrates. Allowing us to produce beautiful bespoke dance floors, table tops and advertising boards amongst other things.


ChromaLuxe® is our favourite (don’t tell the others!). It prints on hard, durable surfaces like aluminium. It is the perfect way to present artwork or photo collages. They are light and very easy to hang, as well as being scratch-resistant. ChromaLuxe® takes fine art printing to another level. It’s the market leader for image clarity, colour vibrancy and durability! Artists, this is THE way to present your work!

What next…?

We’re excited about working more with a varierty of industries, in particular the furniture industry, creating fine art images on all kinds of furniture such as table tops and bath panels.

Our next big purchase will be an in-house cutting machine, so we can cut our own panels. This will make Kili Arts even more flexible and cost-effective.

“I feel that the move was a big decision but also the right decision, the timing may never have been right however Kili Arts had outgrown its previous premises. It’s so exciting, it’s almost like starting a new business, a learning curve for me and the team, training on new machinery and learning new skills. It’s the next phase in the journey of Kili Arts and I’m really excited to see where the company goes next!”

Kili Arts

UV Prints

Kili Arts recently travelled to one of the offices in Boom, Belgium to visit Universal Woods EMEA. The leading manufacturer of ChromaLuxe high-definition sublimation print media providing ultimate image clarity, vibrancy and durability and what’s more, indoor prints last up to 64 years. ChromaLuxe products are scratch resistant, fire resistant, rust proof, easy to clean, lightweight and most importantly of colour brilliance.

ChromaLuxe sublimation printing uses a specialised coating which is applied to a variety of substrates to provide the most durable and longest lasting print medium.

Bar top, front and side panels printed using ChromaLuxe

Product Types and Finishes

Your images can be printed on various product types – HD Metal Prints, Wood, Tables, Steel, Hardwood and Phenolic, all in various sizes. However, it does not stop there, you will have seven different finishes available to choose from – White Gloss, White Semi-Gloss, White Matte, Clear Gloss, Clear Semi-Gloss, Clear Matte and Clear Natural Wood.


You can choose to print your image on Aluminium; MDF, Steel, Hardboard, Natural Wood and Phenolic.

It is worth noting that ChromaLuxe is NOT replacing paper prints; it is a premium addition to the types of print substrates.

What’s More

Sublimation print can be used on other products such as name badges, coasters, keyrings, luggage tags, photo albums and much more.

Your imagination is your limit. You think it, we print it.

Further Information

For more information and how we can help you please click here and follow the link to our specific ChromaLuxe Printing website for full details on the various types of substratres, products, finishes available and much much more.

Contact us to order your first ChromaLuxe print…you will not regret your decision!

Inside Kili Arts is a series of blogs that takes you inside our office in Langley and introduces you to the people behind the Kili Arts. Get to know the Kili Arts team members in a more personal way and find out who we are, what we love, and what we do–in and outside the office.

On a long list of misconceptions about direct to garment printing, the idea that it’s not as long lasting as other printing methods sits at the top. Kili Arts founder and Director, Jagdeep Panesar, begs to differ. “I wasn’t really into the idea of direct to garment printing until my friend introduced it to me,” he says. “I went to one demonstration, printed a few T-shirts and I was obsessed – with the result and the quality.” And Jagdeep knows good quality.

The Kenyan-native started his career in 1999 working for the UK government before deciding to focus on photography – in a highly competitive industry. “I decided to take my professional photography as a career supporting the family business at East West Photography” he explains. “Along with my brother-in-law Gurwinder Soor, we purchased our first large format printer to support our photography clients in 2013. This led to the creation of Kili Arts. It was a natural step for Jagdeep and his team, it made sense to manage the framing and packaging in house – so each album or print can be quality checked internally.

We went on to support local photographers before expanding the printing business and purchasing our second large format printer which allowed us to specialise in printing the ChromaLuxe HD Metal prints. 4 years since we started, the business has three areas that have grown through working with local businesses in our surrounding areas. Our Large Format print service supports local businesses especially in advertising, our Fine Art print service that support many artists and photographers and our ever growing Garment print service which does not have a minimum number order restriction.

Our plans for next 12-18 months will be to move from our 1000sq space to a much bigger space allowing all three areas of the business to have a dedicated space and showrooms. We currently have six full time staff and one part time.



Kili Arts

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